Studio Renoir is your creative pocket knife for visual communications. Me and my global network assist you in your content planing and develope for you kreative solutions for Image, Design and Sound. We take a musical angel to everything we do, to create a compelling balance between function and emotion /// We love and are really good at storytelling and designing for culture and corporations /// We develope and document your stories and give them form for print and online. 

Studio Renoir is the design studio of Rudi-Renoir Appoldt. The Studio is based in Lucerne Switzerland and has a spinoff in Berlin Germany. The Studio is part of a larger kreative network with nodes in Zürich, Berlin, Capetown and New York.

Rudi-Renoir Appoldt holds a main education as Typographer and a Bachelor Degree of professional music by the Berklee College of Music. He is a selftaught Photographer and Filmer. He has been designing visual communication for businesses, organisations, publishers and culture for more then 20 years. He works as freelancer in the field of editorial design for various magazines. The knowledge of his music studies play an imporant part in all of his work. 


Strategy and Communication
AH! Kommunikation

Strategy Foresight and Communication
Stefanie Ollenburg

Text Pistols

Sound / Voice / Filmmusic
TON&SPOT audiodesign

Katja Hensel

Film (New York)
Kimi Takesue


Lucern (Design, Sound)
Zürich (Design, Sound)
Berlin (Design, Film, Sound)
New York (Design, Sound, Film, Fotografie, Creative Coding)
Los Angeles (Sound)
Tokio (Sound)
Capetown (Film)
Perth (Beer)

We are open for global projects.